Welcome to Pittsgrove Township Middle School

Vision Statement

Pittsgrove Township Middle School is committed to creating an environment where all students reach their highest level of academic and social achievement.  All members of the school community will strive to create a safe environment where students demonstrate P.R.I.D.E., and will be able to develop into productive global citizens.

 Mission Statement

Pittsgrove Township Middle School will provide a program designed to meet the distinct physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of its students and provide for the transition between elementary and high school education.  To address these needs, the school community will strive for excellence with the expectation that each student demonstrate:

The 7th graders are scheduled to arrive
back at the school @ 4pm

7th G
rade Camping Trip - 5/23-5/25

:15 Dismissal 5/26

Closed Memorial Day 5/29

8th Grade Class Trip - 6/1
6th Grade Class Trip - 6/8
Students who are on the restricted list
will not be able to attend their class trip.

8th Grade Ceremony 
Tuesday, June 13th, 6pm
Schalick High School
No tickets needed 
First come, First seated

To View Ceremony Rules click - 8th grade graduation 2017 (1).pdf

New - PowerSchool Parent Portal Single Sign-On

With this upgrade parents can now create and control their own accounts and can include more then one student from more then one school in their new account. 
For setup instructions click. 


A Note from the Principal:

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